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Welcome to Our Blog! Here we will continue to post useful tips and information about our services as well as other home remedies you can utilise to help keep your carpets and home a healthy place to be. We will also highlight important information as to what the main downsides can be from not keeping clean carpets. To start off, we have prepared an illustration below to help make people aware of the potential dangers of harmful bacteria building up within your carpets.

ccp infgraph2

Dirt and bacteria building up within the pile of your carpet can have a damaging affect on you and your family. It can cause allergies, skin infections or irritations, stomach flu and more extreme causes Kawasaki Syndrome. Its important to have your carpets professionally cleaned using high pressure or hot steam so that all know bacteria can be eliminated. You also need to ensure that once your carpets have been washed, they are properly dry. We usually achieve this through dry cleaning and dry shampoo. Poorly trained  companies that do not dry the carpet fully will leave your property damp which in turn can lead to the onset of respiratory asthma. Take good care of your family and leave your home a safe and fresh place to live by calling us today!

Posted by Benjamin Van Der velde

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